Stuart McKelvie

Hailing all the way from country Australia, Stu has found himself enjoying the mountain life of Canada so much so, that he’s decided to stay permanently. After giving an office career as an accountant a go, he’s realized just how much more there is to life than just budgets and excel spreadsheets. He’s thrown himself into hiking, biking and snowboarding while rediscovering his love of photography and videography. Living amongst nature has reinforced its value and set him on a path to convince others of the need for its protection.

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I’m helping individuals, teams & businesses discover their own unique stories to share with their customers & their communities. 

Regardless of the platform, idea or audience, together, we can discover the creative expression that’s unique to you.

Stories I've Shared

Finding the story worth telling through inspired connections. 

As a species, humans have created the world as we know it through the power of storytelling. Whether through photo, video or writing, stories allow us to connect with one another, and with the world around us, in every way imaginable. Read on to learn about my own story, and how I interpret what we see, feel and experience in our everyday lives.


The Tom, Stu & You podcast is a weekly talk show between two regular guys just trying to figure out this thing called life and how we can improve the world and ourselves.

We’re focusing on raw, honest, unedited conversations with real people.

When you listen in to the podcast, you join a community of people searching for meaning and connection. Welcome!

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I believe in the beauty of moments, places and stories which I aim to capture and share with the world. It is my hope that I can bring a little of the magic of Mother Nature to people's attention and help conserve our amazing world for future generations.


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