From Australia to Canada

My Story

I’m Stuart McKelvie, a passionate advocate for small businesses and nonprofits.

My journey started on a humble farm in the vast landscapes of country Australia. As I roamed among livestock and the beauty of the outback, I discovered an insatiable curiosity for software and technology (the things we didn’t have access to). Little did I know that this spark would ignite a fire within me, propelling me toward a path where I could merge my passion with my purpose.

Along the winding path of life that led me to Canada, I embarked on various adventures, wearing an assortment of hats that provided me with a wealth of experiences, insights, and knowledge.

From my early days as an auditor at KPMG, where I delved into the intricate details of financial processes, to managing a camera store, where I captured unforgettable moments through the lens while simultaneously handling the administration required from business owners. 

As a freelance content creator, I immersed myself in the world of storytelling, crafting engaging narratives that resonated with audiences far and wide. Managing social media for numerous small businesses and nonprofits opened my eyes to the power of digital platforms in driving connections and creating impact.

I ventured into the realm of libraries, embracing the challenge of improving digital processes within the constraints of community-led support. Hosting two podcasts allowed me to ignite conversations, share stories, and connect with incredible individuals from all walks of life. And as a presenter of digital skills workshops, I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of empowering others with the tools to thrive in the digital age.

Throughout this whirlwind journey, one common thread wove its way through each experience: my unyielding fascination with software and technology, my strategic mindset for optimizing business processes, and my deep desire to share my knowledge and experience with small businesses and nonprofits like yours.

With me as your guide, we will unravel the complexities of manual processes, streamline your workflows, and infuse your operations with the digital prowess necessary to thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

But it doesn’t stop there. My mission is to provide you with more than just digital solutions. I aim to be your ally, your confidant, and your partner in progress. Together, we will embrace the transformative power of technology, harness the potential of your data, and chart a course towards sustained growth.

So, fellow entrepreneurs and visionaries, let’s embark on this extraordinary adventure. With Stuart McKelvie by your side, you can confidently navigate the digital landscape, revolutionize your business, and unlock a future filled with possibilities.


“Let’s transform your business and get you back to focusing on the things you care about it” – Stuart McKelvie